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New EuCon Software For Euphonix MC Pro & System 5-MC DAW Controllers
Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatibility; Added support for Digital Performer 6, Pyramix 6.1.3 and Pro Tools 8
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Euphonix today announced a new release of software version 1.4.1 for the MC Pro and System 5-MC DAW controllers that adds new features and includes support for MOTU’s Digital Performer 6, the latest DAW software application to include full EuCon protocol for the ultimate integration with Euphonix controllers.

The software also includes Vista operating system compatibility together with updated support for Pro Tools 8 and Pyramix version 6.1.3 via EuCon.

EuCon, Euphonix’ high-speed Ethernet control protocol, directly connects Euphonix professional control surfaces to EuCon enabled Mac OSX and Windows/Vista applications such as Apple’s Logic Pro, Steinberg’s Nuendo, MOTU’s Digital Performer and Merging’s Pyramix.

EuCon also transports a high-speed version of HUI and Mackie Control protocol for connectivity to applications such as Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro.

Euphonix CEO Martin Kloiber has personally put a lot of effort into building relationships with other manufacturers over the last six years to ensure that EuCon is embraced by a growing number of manufacturers.

“Since the launch of the Artist Series last year we have seen a steady growth in the acceptance of EuCon by media software developers who want to provide their customers with access to our wide range of consoles and controllers and it’s good to see that MOTU have now committed to the protocol with Digital Performer 6,” Kloiber states. “In a world of networked equipment, there was a strong need for a protocol that could totally connect the artist to their favorite applications using real control surfaces.

Previous to EuCon there was only MIDI with its legacy of slow transport speeds and low resolution. EuCon has changed all that – now our consoles and controllers and the EuCon enabled software applications work as one, greatly enhancing creativity and speeding up the workflow.”

Version 1.4.1 will ship in April to MC Pro and System 5-MC studios throughout the world and is a free-of-charge upgrade. Users should go to Euphonix Pro website ( to download the software and associated manuals.

Euphonix Website

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