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Millennia Media Introduces NSEQ-4 Parametric Equalizer
“Combines the musicality of the NSEQ-2 with a substantial increase in soundstage." - engineer Bruce Leek
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Millennia Music & Media Systems have introduced the high-performance NSEQ-4 parametric equalizer.

It is designed for the engineer that doesn’t need the versatility of having the company’s NSEQ-2’s Valve and Solid State circuitry in the same unit.

“The NSEQ-4 combines the musicality of the NSEQ-2 with a substantial increase in soundstage,” comments engineer Bruce Leek.

NSEQ-4 features:

• World’s first (and only) all-discrete, true differential Class-A input buffer/amplifier.
• Selectable balanced or unbalanced input.
• Greatly improved 3rd generation FSA-03 all-discrete EQ amplifier
• Improved output stage, no muting required (as with Twin Topology)
• True hard-wire bypass when EQ not selected
• Upgraded power supply leading to improved sonic performance

The NSEQ-4 uses the same Dove Topology Constant Amplitude Phase Shift Circuit filters as the NSEQ-2. 

Shipping will begin in December 2011. MSRP is $4.605. 

NSEQ-2 owners can have their units converted to the NSEQ-4 at the factory. ($800)



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