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Midas XL8 Chosen For 2010 Classical BRIT Awards
The XL8 met the needs of providing discerning listeners with a high quality live mix.
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The 2010 Classical BRIT Awards were recently broadcast live from Earls Court with a Midas XL8 handling front of house for the first time, provided by Britannia Row Productions.

Sound designer and live sound coordinator Derrick Zieba specified the XL8 after using it for the 2010 BRIT Awards in January.

“This is a very exacting audience of industry professionals, who are used to hearing the best possible quality of recordings,” says Zieba.

“We wanted to match that quality, but also to lift their experience above that so that they know they’re listening to a live orchestra.”

“The XL8 does this imperceptibly; it effectively vanishes while delivering an incredibly complex mix to every corner.

“I’ve been doing the Classical BRITs here for six years, and the sound of the orchestra this year is as natural an orchestral sound as we’ve ever been able to create in this space.”

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