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Manifold Recording Chooses API Vision Console For Control Room
They chose the API Vision console because it was the only one that had the power and flexibility they knew was needed.
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The Manifold Recording studio complex, fifteen miles southwest of Raleigh-Durham, is a state-of-the-art recording facility built upon zero-carbon emission practices.

It was also built upon a 64-channel API Vision console with integrated surround and stereo bus topologies.

Wes Lachot Design provided the architectural plan based on the principles of organic architecture and sustainable practices.

Slated for completion in fall 2010, Manifold Recording situated its 6,000-square-foot facility on seventeen country.

Control Room A will features the API Vision together with a collection of recording technologies, monitoring, and outboard processing. The smaller Control Room B utilizes a digital console, and both rooms are networked for combined or separate use.

Said Dan Zimbelman, director of sales at API, “Studio build-outs of this magnitude are rare, and news of Manifold Recording has stirred up some hopeful and happy feelings for audio professionals who recognize a project that puts people, music, and audio first.”

“We’re also very happy that Manifold Recording and Wes Lachot Design are pioneering sustainable building practices in what promises to be a zero-net-carbon building.”

“The decision to go with API for the very best in analog technology was an easy one,” said Lachot. “The Legacy would have been a great choice, but we went with the Vision to provide users with the flexibility to mix in stereo and surround simultaneously.”

“API has made that sort of dual-mixing process intuitive, and our choice reflects a commitment to provide users with every option at the highest possible quality.”

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