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LSP Documentation Page - drawings, photos, specs and more
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Members of the LAB community began the LAB Subwoofer Project years ago, and many members have contributed drawings, specs, photos, and experiences in designing and building a LAB subwoofer. We have a forum dedicated to the LAB Subwoofer and all the LSP Documentation right here.

DXF drawings for 18mm wood

Eric Hendricks has converted Jeremy’s .dwg files (see below) to .dxf format. Thanks, Eric!

Jeremy Bridge has converted the drawings for use with 18mm wood, which is the most common material. Thanks, Jeremy!

Jeremy’s DXF drawings for use with 18mm wood now available as PDFs (Adobe Acrobat), thanks to Raj from Canada.

By the way, Jeremy notes that “these plans are MUCH easier to build completely in metric. The imperial measurements are ugly.”

Fabrication Photos

AJ Cooper kindly submitted these photos of the Lab Sub in the process of assembly.  THANKS AJ!! In GIF format, 182k In GIF format, 186k In GIF format, 162k In GIF format, 168k In GIF format, 181k In GIF format, 191k In GIF format, 162k In GIF format, 162k In GIF format, 186k In GIF format, 191k In GIF format, 209k

LAB12 Distributor Contact Info

The following companies are distributing the spec LAB12 driver in the US.

The following companies are distributing the spec LAB12 driver in the UK and Europe.

CAD Drawings for Fabrication

Donated by Brian Fehrman.  THANKS BRIAN!!

PDF format In PDF format, 90k In PDF format, 86k In PDF format, 100k In PDF format, 146k

DXF format In DXF format, 982k In DXF format, 526k In DXF format, 553k In DXF format, 711k

Actual Response of a prototype

Just added! In GIF format, 27k

Updated Prediction Charts

Updated plot, single enclosure. In JPEG format, 86k

Updated plot, cluster of four enclosures. In JPEG format, 86k In JPEG format, 424k In JPEG format, 437k In JPEG format, 515k

3-D Renderings

Just added! In JPEG format, 27k

Just added! In JPEG format, 32k In GIF format, 31k In GIF format, 27k In GIF format, 38k

Horn In JPEG format, 571k In JPEG format, 380k

Custom Driver Pics In JPEG format, 378k In JPEG format, 395k

Discussion Forum

Click here for the forum


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