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d&b audiotechnik Loudspeakers The Choice For New Living Hope Church Sanctuary
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“A sound system at a church is really only a tool to help us do what we do. Sing. Pray. Teach,” explains Living Hope Church worship pastor David Lewis. “Our new d & b audiotechnik sound system allows us to do all of that so much better than anything else we’ve used.”

Lewis and the rest of Living Hope Church in Piperton, TN, it was essential to create a worship space that would enhance their services and create an atmosphere for passionate praise.

“This sound system uncompromisingly allows us to serve our community and focus on the ministry,” he adds.

The congregation at Living Hope Church has been together since 2006. Without a building of their own, most of the events were held in school cafeterias and gymnasiums.

This year, Living Hope was finally able to create their own space. After years in acoustically challenging venues, the church understood that sound had to be one of the focus features of their new building. They hired Elite Multimedia of Memphis to consult on the project and acoustically design the main sanctuary.

A fan style room with stadium seating, Elite Multimedia’s BJ Shaver designed Living Hope’s worship space with d&b loudspeakers in mind.

Wade Russell, lead systems integrator on the project, explained that the church “wanted high quality. Consistency was very important.Consistency with a sound system ensures that everyone will have a full experience every time, no matter where they sit. d&b was the only company for the job.”

Though working on a budget, the church decided on d&b T10 loudspeakers for the main sanctuary array, six per side. d&b 4S loudspeakers were used as frontfills, while one E12 loudspeaker was installed as center downfill.

Elite was also able to suggest the E15 subwoofers to maintain low frequency in the space. A combination of d&b D6 and D12 amplifiers, including built-in processing, completed the sanctuary’s system.

Russell explains that from the rigging of the system to the final sound check, the project came together seamlessly.

“We understood early on that sound was a key element to this project;” Lewis says. “After hearing a few different loudspeakers, d&b audiotechnik stood light years ahead of the rest.

“We are thrilled with how it has turned out. The room design allows the sound system to shine. Worship in this space is certainly an intense experience. The clarity in the sound allows us to focus on the music and the praise. It allows us to focus on why we come to church.”

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