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Kenton Introduces SYNC-5 Active DIN Sync Splitter Box
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Kenton has announced availability of the new SYNC-5 Active DIN sync splitter, offering DIN Sync input and five DIN Sync output ports to enable users to connect several DIN Sync devices to one DIN Sync controlling device.

Since Roland popularized the DIN Sync interfacing standard — otherwise known as SYNC 24 — with the likes of the TR-808 and TR-606 drum machines, TB-303 Bass Line, and early digital sequencers (such as the MC-4 and MC-202 MicroComposers).

The new Kenton SYNC-5 is primarily intended for use with such suitably-equipped, pre-MIDI Roland equipment — all of which work at 24 clocks-per-quarter note. The SYNC-5 can also work with any appropriate Korg devices at 48 clocks-per-quarter note. It cannot convert between the two, however.

Housed in an attractively finished, brushed aluminum box with black screen print, the SYNC-5 ships with an energy-efficient, switch-mode PSU appropriate to the destination country — UK, EU, US, and Australian types are available, so no battery changes required.

Operation is simple: plug the supplied PSU into the SYNC-5 (which will illuminate its ‘active’ LED), connect the DIN Sync output port of an appropriate drum machine or sequencer to the single DIN Sync input port, and connect one or more of the DIN Sync output ports to the DIN Sync inputs of any devices to be synchronized; start the DIN Sync controlling device and any connected DIN Sync devices will play along in perfect tempo, as indicated by speed of the now-flashing LED.

Keep in mind that the SYNC-5 is not a MIDI device; neither its input or outputs are capable of handling MIDI data.

SYNC-5 can be purchased directly from Kenton here for £52.80 GBP (including VAT).


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