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In The Studio: Introducing The Effective 20-Minute Recording Mix
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These videos are provided by Home Studio Corner.


In this video, Joe shows us a new technique he developed to meet the need of getting a client a commensurate mix of a new track as quickly as possible.

In essense, he set up a loop of the track, which played continuously through several rotations. On each loop/rotation, Joe did additional mixing that he thought was necessary, and then moved along.

He notes that, perhaps a bit surprisingly, this approach turned out to be quite effective. It proved beneficial to the mix process, pushing efficiency and decisiveness, and got the track to roughly 80 percent of where it needed to be, in very short order The “80 percent” track is then contrasted with Joe’s final mix.




Joe Gilder is a Nashville-based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner. Note that Joe also offers highly effective training courses, including Understanding Compression and Understanding EQ.

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