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In The Studio: A Time-Saving Pre-Production Tempo-Mapping Trick
Gaining a new and potentially valuable function from a feature that exists on most digital audio workstations...
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Article provided by Home Studio Corner.

Most (if not all) digital audio workstations (DAW) include functionality to automate the tempo of songs, which can prove to be a handy feature. But Joe uses the automated tempo in a unique way that you may not have seen or thought about.

A typical use, for example, is when a band playing a complex track wants to go from, say 85 bpm in the verse to 95 bpm in the chorus, and then back down again—and then there’s another section that slows way down. It all needs to be synced together, and that’s usually the type of thing automating the tempo is for, so that the click track follows that tempo as you go through the song.

But Joe has another use for this function, which he applies in preparation for new album projects. In this video he takes you through his thinking and approach, which has proven quite effective.

Joe Gilder is a Nashville-based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner.Note that Joe also offers highly effective training courses, including Understanding Compression and Understanding EQ.

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