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In Profile: Tim Cain, Co-Founder Of Gemini Light, Sound & Video
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Next Generation
Presently, approximately 60 percent of the company’s production projects involve all departments – lighting, audio and video.

The inventory includes more than 2,800 moving lights, 600 motors, “miles and miles” of truss, and more recently, a growing number of projectors, cameras and LED walls.

Gemini now employs roughly 55 people full-time, and draws from a part-time pool of over 250 freelancers and crew.

Among that staff are the next generation of Cains. “Terry’s son, Jason, started coming here when he was 10 and working shows at 14. He’s 38 now and a very good lighting director. Dell’s son, Chad, is 29 and he’s over the top good at audio – I wish I was that good at his age. Also, my niece works in sales and PR and my daughter works in video.”

Despite the great success, Gemini remains committed to taking on virtually any sized job. “That’s the company’s ethic and always has been,” Cain says. “We’re not too proud to do something small. It all adds up.”

While the strong business ethic remains the same, Cain’s role has changed over time. “I don’t mix anymore; I book shows, talk on the phone and buy gear. These days, though, by the time we order new gear, it’s booked.”

Dell’s son Chad, a Gemini system tech, with Cain and some of the company’s new Powersoft amplifier stock at the recent EdgeFest in Dallas. (click to enlarge)

What hasn’t changed is his enduring passion for music. “My wife does voice-over work, and in the late 90s, she got tired of going to the studio so we bought a little Pro Tools rig. She ended up using Sound Forge, so I bought a Pro Tools LE rig. I’ve got a drum kit, Yamaha Motif8, a bass, seven or eight guitars, drum machines – everything you can think of. I could record all day long, every day, but I love my job. How can I not? I’ve got to do what I want to do with my life, I really enjoy this business and I’m still doing what I love.”

Gemini recently celebrated its 30th year in business with an open house at its facility, and after all these years, Cain is as thankful as ever for the bond he and his brothers have maintained. “We were always close. As kids, we did everything together, we’re still together today and it’s been a good thing.

“Don’t get me wrong, we’re brothers, we argue, and always have,” he adds, laughing, recalling his early days on tour with the appropriately named Razin’ Cain. “The band had this yellow van we rode around in that Terry called the ‘argue box,’ but at the end of the day we always ‘guard dog’ each other.”

Based in Toronto, Kevin Young is a freelance music and tech writer, professional musician and composer.

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