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Hear The Soundtrack Of A Super-Quake (Includes Audio & Video)
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An interesting “audio related” item we ran across on YouTube today:

“This recording of the 2011 Japanese earthquake was taken near the coastline of Japan between Fukushima Daiichi (the nuclear reactor site) and Tokyo. The initial blast of sound is the 9.0 mainshock.

“As the earth’s plates slipped dozens of meters into new positions, aftershocks occurred. They are indicated by “pop” noises immediately following the mainshock sound. These plate adjustments will likely continue for years.

“Georgia Tech Associate Professor Zhigang Peng has converted the seismic waves from last year’s earthquakes into audio files. The results allow experts and general audiences to “hear” what the quake sounded like as it moved through the earth and around the globe.”

By the way, for more information and audio clips, go to the Georgia Tech website here.

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