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Exclusive Interview: VP Costa Lakoumentas On Behringer’s New Eurocom Systems Contracting Division
Commentary and details from a key player in a significant new venture addressing installed systems
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We’ve reached out to partners and experts in the systems business and worked closely with them, strongly encouraging them to share the functionality and feature sets they want. We asked them what it is that they really need from a specific product for a specific application.

A unique tenet of these products is a devotion to energy efficiency. For example, if you look at the current state of the market in 70-volt packaged amplifiers, for the most part you see linear power supplies, Class AB topology, big transformers on the output section, and so on. By the time you work out the efficiency, it’s at less than 40 percent.

We took a ground-up approach to efficiency. Staying with amplifiers, this means switch-mode power supplies, Class D design to drive high-impedance loads, and so on, to present an amplifier with efficiency of well over 80 percent. This is a notable advancement, not only in terms of energy and cost that mean real value, and also in terms of the impact on the environment.

KC: What’s the initial scope of the product line? 

CL: Eventually it will be every component in the signal chain, from microphones through loudspeakers. But when you’re just getting going, you have to start somewhere, so we’re beginning with products in a few key categories.

One line is high-performance live sound reinforcement loudspeakers for fixed installation, with the type of dispersion, pattern control and frequency response contactors demand, and an aesthetic that is absolutely acceptable in any environment.

Another line is distributed loudspeakers, both in-ceiling and on-wall models. A lot of the current loudspeakers of this type seem to be one copy after another, all look and perform about the same, but ours are unlike anything else. They are immediately distinguishable as Eurocom products.

There are also power amplifiers with onboard DSP and Ethernet networking aimed at fixed installation. The technologies and efficiencies we have in house allow us to deliver a 3,000-watt dual-channel power amplifier with DSP and Ethernet control at a price that is a fraction of a lot of similar products.

And another line that is probably the thing that people least expect from us: about 15 models of integrated mixer/amplifiers and stand-along amplifiers to serve the 70/100-volt market. These contain numerous unique features as well as presenting styling that will take this type of product “out of the back room,” so to speak.

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