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Everything Breaks: Rigging Components & Vital Safety Factors
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See our gallery for more examples of rigging component fatigue.
Rigging Risks Exposed (16 photos)
Do you have a rigging safety plan in place? Does your rigging exhibit any of these signs critical signs? Click through to find out!
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SIDEBAR: Fatigue Properties
The mechanical properties of steel when a load is repeatedly applied is known as its fatigue strength.

Fatigue testing determines the ability of a material to withstand repeated applications of a load.

The load by itself may be too small to produce a failure.

There are three factors involved when considering fatigue strength:
1) The number of cycles at which a crack initiates;
2) The number of cycles at which the crack starts to grow;
3) The number of cycles at which the fitting fails.

One accepted method of fatigue rating fittings is to test them to one and a half (1-1/2 times the working load limit for 20,000 cycles, without failure.

This standard test is accepted as indicating indefinite life when used within the working load limit under normal circumstances.

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