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d&b audiotechnik Provides Rig For Gloucestershire Concert
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After UK’s Black Bombers explosive premier at Zapata in Stuttgart, Germany it was only fitting that Stuttgart bands bottomless beheaded and Walter Subject returned the favor with a concert at Bombers’ hometown locale, the Landsdown Hall in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

“Everything about the gig was great,” said elated beheaded bass man Boris Rehders, “especially the sound.”

“The show in Zapata was very successful, the Bombers flew over from England and really let us have it,” describes Walter Subjects’ co-founder and bass player, Christoph “Stoffel” Kluck, “How could we not return the favor?”

Sound was provided by d&b audiotechnik who flew a V-Series V8 system with a V-SUB bass array on the floor to throw just under 100 ft.

“I must have had more headroom than a convention of philosophers,” said Oran Burns from the d&b GB Education and Application Support department, who mixed the show on a Digidesign Venue SC48.

Burns was assisted by John Taylor from the d&b Education department. Taylor himself opened proceedings with a four song set by his band Louche. Stage monitoring was also provided with d&b loudspeakers.

Putting the over-the-top PA to one side, this was a professional show, Walter and beheaded brought over their regular engineers at their own expense.

“All these bands have musicians who work for d&b, either here or in Germany,” explained Burns, “and all of them brought something a little different to the show.”

“For me it was a real pleasure; what else would I have been doing on a Saturday night? Sitting in with the family watching X Factor with a take away curry; it’s a no-brainer, though arguably the gig in Stroud produced more hot air.”

Attending the gig was local celebrity Hamish Guerrini, known as the White Rabbit, who was suitably attired.

“It is a curious fact that all four bands that appeared this night have a bass player that works for d&b,” he noted. 

A man more usually found managing the Rabbit Hole stage at Glastonbury, Guerrini proffered the theory that “This was possibly due to an unhealthy obsession with low end,” But then thought a moment and added playfully, “But it certainly rattled my carrots.”

A European tour is now planned for 2013.

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