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d&b audiotechnik Installed At Zagreb’s Green Gold Club
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The PA system installed by Sunflower is based on d&b T10 loudspeakers with T-SUBs and six of the new 18S-SUBs from the d&b White installation range.

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The Green Gold Club Bars & Restaurants are located in the atrium of a purpose built leisure centre in downtown Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia.

Branko Perković, the property developer of the centre, devised a concept for the four café-bars that surround the atrium to double as clubs in the evening – with each of them sharing a larger performance space in the center of the atrium.

Perković partnered with Toni Martinez to organize the main stage. Martinez brought in Tomislav Koran (Kuki) from Sunflower, a Croation pro audio specialist, to design and specify a PA system for the room.

“I knew that I needed someone with a lot of audio expertise to assist in designing the system,” explains Martinez. “The atrium space is a tall reverberant space, the audio specification would have to be tight.”

Martinez contacted Koran when the building was already in construction. He explained that their target artist was top Croatian bands and leading European DJs.

“I immediately thought to use d&b audiotechnik,” explains Koran. “In order to attract the bands and DJs that they were interested in, the system would have to be internationally recognized with a good reputation – d&b would be perfect.”

The PA system installed by Sunflower is based on d&b T10 loudspeakers with T-SUBs and six of the new 18S-SUBs from the d&b White installation range.

“I made an EASE simulation and determined that the T-Series T10 loudspeaker in line array orientation would be perfect,” adds Koran.

“At 105 degrees horizontal it gave ideal coverage and power for an audience at short range. And it provides exact vertical control so I could keep the main energy off the reverberant surfaces.

“The additional 18S-SUBs gave me the ability to localize and reinforce the low end in the surrounding bar/clubs, again without exciting the walls.”

Green Gold opened at Christmas 2011 and in the seven months since has played host to just about every famous artist and DJ in Croatia.

“Every popular band in Croatia that has played here since we opened has had positive comments about the sound system,” Perković adds.

Martinez concludes,” When I saw the place for the first time I knew it would be a challenge to come up with the right sound system for the space, but I was not worried at all. I knew that Kuki would solve everything. And he has.”

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