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d&b audiotechnik Debuts T-Series - Line Array & Point Source In One Package
The T-SUB subwoofer shares the same width and integrated rigging fittings as the T10 for deployment either flown at the top of a T10 array, in a separate column, or ground stacked.
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d&b t-series
The new d&b T-Series, with T-SUB subwoofers able to reside at the top of a line array configuration of T10 full-range cabinets. (See our Photo Gallery for a tour of the new d&b T-Series.)

New d&b audiotechnik T-Series Line Array/Point Source (6 photos)
The various elements and configurations of the new d&b audiotechnic T-Series, which has been designed to function as both a line array and a point-source system.
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The new d&b audiotechnik T-Series line array offers two different loudspeaker technologies in one package - it is the company’s smallest line array that also easily transforms into a stand-alone point source system.

The T10 cabinet (470/18.5 x 197/7.8 x 300/11.8 mm/inch) is a passive two-way design that houses two 6.5-inch drivers, a 1.4-inch-exit HF compression driver and can be used either as a compact component in a multiple cabinet line array or, by rotating the horn as a high-directivity point source loudspeaker.

The HF driver is fitted to a unique waveguide horn producing vertical line source directivity with a 90-degree horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately 600 Hz.

An acoustic lens placed in front of the horn widens horizontal dispersion to 105 degrees; rotation of the horn by 90 degrees relative to this produces an accurate point source dispersion transforming a vertically oriented T10 into a stand-alone full range loudspeaker with 90-degree horizontal and 35-degree vertical directivity pattern.

The horn can easily be rotated from outside the loudspeaker without tools or removing the front grill, achieved through apertures in the cabinet sides allowing rotation to both the line and point source positions.

The two 6.5-inch neodymium LF drivers are positioned in a dipolar arrangement providing an exceptional dispersion control even at lower frequencies.

The T-SUB subwoofer shares the same width and integrated rigging fittings as the T10 for deployment either flown at the top of a T10 array, in a separate column, or ground stacked.

It is used to increase the low frequency headroom and extend the bandwidth of a T10 column down to 47 Hz.

The bass-reflex design utilizes a high excursion 15-inch driver with a neodymium magnet assembly and employs d&b SenseDrive technology when driven by the company’s D12 amplifier.

The d&b D6 and D12 dual channel amplifiers provide two different power ranges, incorporate d&b loudspeaker specific configuration information including the T-Series, and have analog and digital signal inputs and links.

These devices are specially designed and manufactured by d&b utilizing digital signal processing and include switchable functions for precisely tailoring system response for a wide variety of applications.

A user definable four-band parametric equalizer and a delay capability are provided in every amplifier channel to reduce the need for external processing devices.

The D12 amplifier additionally offers a two-way active mode and a mixed TOP/SUB output configuration, output connector options as well as d&b SenseDrive.

Both amplifiers have d&b remote network interfaces enabling control and monitoring of the system functions and extensive system integration capabilities. d&b load monitoring and system check are also incorporated to remotely monitor loudspeaker driver status.

To realize the complete system, firmware and software updates that include the T-Series loudspeakers are available for download under the relevant sections within support/downloads at the company website,

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