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Danley Introducing New TH-118 Tapped Horn Subwoofer At 2010 InfoComm
Modifies Danley’s popular TH-115 subwoofer with an 18-inch driver that adds greater output
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Danley Sound Labs is introducing the new TH-118 subwoofer at the upcoming 2010 InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

The unit joins Danley’s family of patent-pending tapped horn subwoofers, delivering uniquely flat, low, and powerful bass from relatively lightweight, compact enclosures.

The TH-118 modifies Danley’s popular TH-115 subwoofer with an 18-inch driver that adds greater output.

“The TH-118 kind of fell into my lap,” laughed inventor Tom Danley. “Eighteen Sound introduced a new 18-inch driver that is tremendously powerful. I looked at the computer model of the TH-115, which is, of course, well suited to a 15-inch driver.

“Remarkably, when you drop the new parameters in, the model calls for essentially the same box that we are already using for the TH-115. We prototyped one with the 18-inch driver, and the sound was simply amazing. The TH-118 weighs only two pounds more than the TH-115 and yet is markedly more powerful. I’m eager to get the TH-118 out in the field/”

The new TH-118 is available in four-ohm and eight-ohm models. Both are capable of delivering 146 dB at 134 Hz with input power rates of 1800 W continuous and 3600 W program.

Both also offer a frequency range 40 to 250 Hz with only 3 dB of deviance. Only modest processing is suggested: a simple 24 dB Butterworth filter at 25 Hz.

Sensitivities are 114 dB and 111 dB at 134 Hz for the four-ohm and eight-ohm models, respectively.

U.S. MSRP is $3,332.


Danley Sound Labs Website

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