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D.A.S. Audio Key Fixture At Carnival Festivals
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The event at Bader Field in Atlantic City utilized a left-right loudspeaker system that consisted of eight D.A.S. Aero 50’s per side, accompanied by three Aero 12A’s per side—positioned beneath the Aero 50’s.

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Carnival, the festive celebration most well-known in Trinidad and Tobago are also common here in the United States. Toward the close of the summer season, Carnival celebrations occurred in Atlantic City, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, and Miami, FL.

At all three events, D.A.S. Audio Aero and Aero Series 2 loudspeaker system played a major role in the music heavy celebrations.

Advanced Audio of NY, NY, a live sound services company that specializes in the pro touring and special events markets, was contracted to provide audio systems at both the Atlantic City, NJ and Brooklyn, NY Carnival celebrations.

At each event, D.A.S. Aero Series 2 loudspeaker systems consisting of Aero 12A powered, 2-way, mid-high line array modules, Aero 50 3-way, large-format line array elements, and LX-218CA powered, high performance subwoofers were placed into service. Burton Ishmael, owner/operator of Advanced Audio, discussed the setups at these two events.

“In Atlantic City, we provided the loudspeaker system for the main stage at Bader Field where a concert featuring Machel Montano, the number #1-rated soca singer, record producer, and songwriter was the headline act,” Ishmael explained. “Our setup was erected atop a Stageline SL320 40 foot x 40 foot mobile stage.

“For this concert, we deployed a left-right loudspeaker system that consisted of eight D.A.S. Aero 50’s per side, accompanied by three Aero 12A’s per side—positioned beneath the Aero 50’s. These Aero 12A’s were used as downfills. Additional Aero 12A’s were used for frontfill while D.A.S. Audio Road 12A 2-way, powered stage monitors provided the perfect mix for the performers.

“Completing the setup, low end support was provided by sixteen D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers.”

At the Brooklyn, NY Carnival celebration, Ishmael and his crew deployed a large ‘mobile’ setup aboard a 53 foot flatbed truck that kept the music jumping as it made its way through the community.

“For this setup,” Ishmael reports, “we had a 360-degree sound system that relied on the D.A.S. Aero 12A and LX-218CA subwoofers. Each side of the truck was equipped with four stacks of Aero 12A’s; with each stack six elements high. These loudspeakers were accompanied by LX-218CA subwoofers that were lined completely along each side of the truck.

“At the back, we placed more Aero 12A’s—in two stacks of 8 elements each, with another four LX-218CA subwoofers positioned right behind the Aero 12A’s. At the front, we placed two additional stacks of Aero 12A’s, with each stack consisting of four enclosures. And making certain that all these loudspeakers were being put to good use, we had Back to Basics, New York’s number #1 DJ/producer keeping the mood upbeat.”

Down south in Miami Gardens, FL, the Miami Broward One Carnival was equally upbeat. Here, Miami-based Master Sound Productions was contracted to provide the sound reinforcement setup. As was the case with the Brooklyn, NY celebration, this loudspeaker system was deployed aboard a 53-foot flatbed trailer. Lazaro Soto, President of Master Sound Productions, discussed the setup.

“As the truck made its way through the community,” Soto said, “we had music playing in all directions—provided by one of the popular DJ’s from the Miami area.

“Each side of the truck was outfitted with six D.A.S. Aero 38A self-powered, 3-way, medium format line array modules as well as two Aero 12A’s. For low end support, we placed nine LX-218A subwoofers on each side. At the rear of the flatbed, we positioned six Aero 38A loudspeakers, which were augmented by six LX218A subwoofers.  Facing forward, we had another two Aero 12A’s projecting out over the truck’s cabin.”

Both Advanced Audio’s Burton Ishmael and Master Sound Productions’ Lazaro Soto report the D.A.S. Audio loudspeaker systems performed flawlessly and delivered the upbeat, dance-oriented music with plenty of SPL muscle.

“We were really pleased with the performance of our D.A.S. equipment,” said Ishmael. “Both systems reproduced the music really well and the crowds were really into the spirit of the occasion.” Soto echoed Ishmael’s enthusiasm, “All along the parade route, the people responded really positively to the music. Our D.A.S. loudspeakers sounded great and had plenty of level. The project turned out to be a really rewarding experience.”

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