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Crown Pointe Church Upgrades To QSC Audio KLA Line Arrays
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One of the new QSC Audio KLA line arrays flown at Crown Pointe Church. The larger image below provides a perspective of the sanctuary as well as a view of both line arrays.

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Crown Pointe Church of the Assemblies of God in Lee’s Summit, MO recently upgraded the sound system in its 500-seat sanctuary with QSC Audio KLA Fixed Arcuate active line arrays, as well as KW Series loudspeakers for out fill.

The new QSC Audio KLA line array replaced an aging speaker system that was no longer performing adequately nor achieving desired sound quality.

The replacement array comprises six KLA12 12-inch, 2-way, self-powered loudspeakers and four KLA181 18-inch active subwoofers, installed three over two per side.

One KW152 15-inch, two-way trapezoidal cabinet was additionally installed on each side as out fill in order to extend coverage to the extreme left and right seating areas of the sanctuary.

According to Richard Troutman, senior design consultant at Advanced Sound & Communication, which handled the design and install of the project, aesthetics were very important to Crown Pointe Church Worship Pastor Nick Wright. As a result, the entire loudspeaker system was flown, including the subwoofers.

“The challenge here was that aesthetics were as important as having an optimum sound, and the church officials wanted the entire system hidden from view,” says Troutman. “Crown Pointe wanted the KLA181s flown because they were tired of looking at the big subwoofers they used to have on the ground. So we took the QSC subwoofers up above the drop ceiling and put in some vented panels.”

Troutman reports that the church was very pleased with the results. “They were extremely happy – super happy –.with the KLA’s sound.”

With each KLA12 capable of delivering 500-watt class D continuous to both its high frequency and its low frequency elements, and each KLA181 offering 1000-watt class D continuous output, there is plenty of power on hand for Crown Pointe Church’s contemporary services.

In fact, as Troutman notes, there is plenty of headroom still available in the system: “The congregation has yet to take the KLA system to its limits.

“This was our first KLA install, but we already have a lot of great experience with QSC,” he adds. “We install a lot of QSC power amps and more and more of the QSC speakers. When we demo’d the KLAs, we really liked the sound. For the bang for the buck they just fit.”


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