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Crown Audio Calculators: Program Material
Information useful for designing audio systems with Crown amplifiers.
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Figures calculated for various program material use estimated duty cycles, taking into account the typical crest factor for each type of source material.

The choices typically available in the calculators are as follows.

Pink Noise: Duty cycle of  50%.

Dance: Duty cycle of 40%. Typically highly-compressed, low-frequency material at very high levels.

Hard Rock: Duty cycle of 30%. Full-range, continuous rock music at concert levels.

BGM: Duty cycle of 20%. Background music, typically used in business music applications at low to moderate levels.

Speech: Duty cycle of 10%. Spoken word material. Typically a speaker giving a presentation, at low to moderate levels.

Paging: Duty cycle of 1%. Intermittent spoken-word paging in commercial or industrial applications. Low to moderate levels.

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