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Crossword Christian Church In California Upgrades With Electro-Voice Phoenix Loudspeakers
"We came to the conclusion that Phoenix was the best option to get the SPL that the church was looking for." - Chris Batchelor, CBC Technical
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Crossword Christian Church in Riverside, California recently upgraded its sound reinforcement capability on a large scale replacing the systems in its sanctuary, courtyard, and children’s wing with an assortment of Electro-Voice equipment from CBC Technical of Murrieta, California.

Crossword’s new sanctuary system includes five EV Phoenix PX2152 loudspeakers in a flown left-center-right configuration (including a central cluster of three), with two Phoenix EV PX2181 subwoofers on the ground at stage left and right, as well as Dynacord VL262s compact double-six-inch, two-way loudspeakers as delays.

The system is powered by EV CP4000S amplifiers.

“This is a Gospel church, and the system they had in there could not keep up with the volume they required,” explains Chris Batchelor, Sales Manager for CBC Technical. “We came to the conclusion that Phoenix was the best option to get the SPL that the church was looking for, with dual drivers on each horn, and massive power handling woofers. They like the service to be in-your-face and get-up-and-go, and that’s exactly what they got.”

The church also got extra sound from two EV Sx500 loudspeakers and a pair of Sb122 subs for its courtyard, which functions as an overflow area for the large congregation.

“They have such a large congregation that they can’t even fit everyone inside the sanctuary,” says Batchelor. “So we had to put another system out in their outdoor courtyard. Each product we used outside was the weatherproof ‘PI’ version, driven through a DC-One speaker processor and powered by the new CPS 4.10 amplifiers.

“In a different room that functions as a multi-purpose space and another overflow room, we put in a pair of (EV) Zx3 loudspeakers and an (EV) QRx118S sub. And after that, we reinforced the church’s children’s wing with EVID 8.2 ceiling speakers, so they could play music down there. We’ve really put EV everywhere in this church, and the whole church looks and sounds better than ever.”

After putting their new system through its first weekend, Crossword Christian Church couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the upgrade.

“The church’s first service was last Sunday, and the sound quality was amazing – it’s ridiculous how much clean SPL those PX boxes deliver. There’s more power in that system than I think they’ll ever need, which gives them plenty of headroom and plenty of lift for their music,” Batchelor concludes. “They used to blow up the tweeters in their original system, but I don’t think they’ll be able to get near that with this new rig. It’s nice to be able to match products with the performance and style of a particular venue; we did that, and everyone at Crossword is very happy.”

CBC Technical worked wth EV reps Quantum Sales & Technology on the project.

Electro-Voice Website

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