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Community ENTASYS Heads New System At Rocky Hill (CT) High School Auditorium
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The auditorium at Rocky Hill High School (Rocky Hill, CT), which hosts musicals, concerts, recitals, meetings and more, has been outfitted with a new sound reinforcement system headed by Community Professional ENTASYS column loudspeakers.

The new system for the 500-seat room, which has a permanent stage to host performances, was necessary to deliver upgraded sonic quality as well as to eliminate feedback issues.

John Pizzoferrato of CMI Sound Systems (Newington, CT) recommended ENTASYS, as well as new DSP and amplification.

The school agreed, with Pizzoferrato subsequently installing a pair of ENTASYS 220 column loudspeakers—one on each side of the stage—joined by a pair of Community VLF-208LV subwoofers in recessed pockets under the stage. The loudspeakers and subs are driven by an Ashly Audio amplification and DSP package.

Pizzoferrato says the upgraded system is intelligible throughout the entire audience space, and adds, “Now they can walk across the stage with a lapel mic and not have feedback.”

The school was initially reluctant to cut holes in the stage for the subwoofers, but Pizzoferrato notes, “The subs really enhanced the fullness of the sound, and the VLF-208LVs only needed small cut-outs, so the school is happy with the appearance.”

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