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Comments on: "Update: First-Hand Account Of The Power (Not Sound System) Issue At Aerosmith Concert In Sturgis"
aerosmith concert

A report from someone who was on the scene...
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Posted by CALVIN WILLIAMS  on  08/11  at  04:33 PM

We get with the house electrician tie in. meter the load.then we lock it down. if we can not lock it,
we check during sound check,before and during the show
that way you will not be writing about it later.

Posted by barret  on  08/12  at  04:02 AM

Thankd God, Steven was’nr injured that much. Im sure, he can still perform in the future, its his life. Ok, people looking out for the fallout of the Steven Tyler fall incident, we got the skinny.  After the Steven Tyler fall incident during an Aerosmith concert at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, he was airlifted to a hospital, and treated for injuries to his head and shoulders.  He did not suffer a concussion, had a couple of broken bones and a few stitches.  He broke his shoulder so all concert dates will be postponed for up to two months.  A broken shoulder is a painful injury, especially when the singer is over 60 years of age.  Ticket holders need not fret over the Steven Tyler fall – dates are merely postponed, so you won’t need a cash loan for new tickets.

Posted by Jamie Reed  on  08/12  at  07:03 AM

From what I see I question what happened. Did the (fuse)fault happen at the primary or secondary side of the transformer? I would never let a show go to sound check with the shape of the service to beginn with. Fro the two pictures above I see:

Multiple conductors under a single lug.

Missing grounded conductor (Neutral)buss

Aluminum conductors impropoerly installed (torgee,oxide inhibitor, multilugged, size, etc…)

200 amp service would require 4/0 aluminum conductors)

Missing ground bar, gounding and bonding.

Missing bonding screw ( Needs to be green)

Missing bonding bushings

Open knockouts

Missing labels

One more thing… I like the tape to hold the cover closed….

Posted by Jamie Reed  on  08/12  at  07:13 AM

...Oops! Sorry for the spelling, I forgot spell check!

Posted by audio visual one  on  08/12  at  11:26 AM

Come on you guys. you know that this is not there first concert for this hall so this has been going on for years. With some of the biggest sound and lighting companies running off this box.When we come to this neck of the woods we will ask for a the past we have rewired the service feed before the show went on @ $300.00 a hour that pays my electrician for the day we get all money up front.

Posted by ali503  on  10/11  at  01:48 AM

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Posted by david.grace248  on  10/25  at  06:32 AM

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