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Comments on: "Press Release Of The Week"

My inbox is bombarded with hundreds of press releases each week, and a few invariably deliver a chuckle. Unintentionally, of course. Here's the latest "press release of the week"...
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Posted by Greg McVeigh  on  12/19  at  08:26 PM

I’m just glad it wasn’t one of my press releases. You had me on edge there for a minute.

Posted by Audio Pundit  on  12/22  at  09:07 AM

Greg -

Definitely not. Your releases, like most I receive, are well done.

But there are certain ones - usually where the writer tries just a bit too hard - that end up going over the top, lending a genuine comedic quality to the presentation. :>)


Posted by Greg McVeigh  on  12/22  at  09:43 AM

Watch out for the press releases that say “Press Contact: Billy Mays” or a tag line with the words, “Home Shopping Network.”

Posted by Audio Pundit  on  12/22  at  11:48 AM

Billy Mays is so yesterday… Vince from Shamwow is where it’s at!

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