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Choosing The Right Earset Microphone For Church Sound Applications
Don’t let the small size fool you – many models can provide performance comparable (or better) than lavaliers...
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5) Durability. Not all over-the-ear mics are created to withstand the rigors of constant use.

Although you’ll get good, lasting performance from most of them, some are known for their fragility due to very small size and cable diameters.

Make sure that if the user has a heavy-handed tendency with the mic that you choose a robust tool for the job, like the Point Source CO-7 which boasts an “unbreakable boom”.

Many earset mics have replaceable cables, windscreens and cable clips, so it’s always a good idea to order spares.

Countryman even offers a 2 mm diameter “Duramax” cable for all of their E6 series mics.

And please, discourage your users from winding the cable around the bodypack for storage – always unplug the microphone, gently coil the cable and place it back in its case.

6) Special Features. Some earset mics are now available with an integrated earbud that allows the user to hear whatever you send back to them for monitoring.

The Da-Cappo DA15 is one example, and Countryman offers an accessory cable for the E2 and E6 earsets that will attach to a single Shure SE425 or SE535 earphone (with a dual earphone version coming later this year).

As wireless in-ear monitoring continues to gain favor, I expect this configuration to become more common.

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