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California Church Creates Powerful Auditory/Visual Environment With Renkus-Heinz
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Olympia WA-based CCI Solutions recently oversaw an extensive renovation of New Venture Christian Fellowship’s 1800-seat sanctuary in Oceanside, CA. The integrators designed a high-tech triumvirate of audio, video, and lighting systems that come together to create a powerful immersive worship experience.

The system includes edge-blended video, sophisticated LED lighting, and a networked audio system based around Renkus-Heinz ST-Series loudspeakers.

As Rick Boring, Senior Systems Consultant for CCI explains, seamless networked audio performance was a major priority, as well as the speakers not interfering with sight lines to the stage-wide video screens.

“A line array was pretty much out of the question,” says Boring. “No matter where we would have placed it, we were going to be blocking someone’s line of sight. So we needed enclosures that weren’t too tall, and had great pattern control.”

The audio system includes a cluster of four Renkus-Heinz ST9-94R three-way self-powered loudspeakers, augmented by five ST7M94R three-way systems for delays.

“The pattern control on the ST-Series is very accurate and we’re only putting sound where it’s needed,” Boring remarks.

To reduce low frequency build-up and comb filtering, Boring created a cardioid sub array. Four Renkus-Heinz DR18-2R self-powered dual 18-inch subs are flown over the stage firing toward the congregation, two more units firing toward the stage.

“It created a great cardioid pattern - excellent rejection on the stage and consistent low-end across the congregation,” Boring said.

Boring concludes, “I’m really pleased. We’ve created an incredible AVL system, and it performed magnificently. The congregation experiences a powerful worship experience.”


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