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Biamp Systems Introduces Software Upgrade For AudiaVOIP Teleconferencing Solution
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Biamp Systems introduces the next phase of streamlined teleconferencing system setup with a dedicated daVinci control screen file included in the AudiaVOIP product.

AudiaVOIP is a teleconferencing solution that combines scalability, reliability and sound quality with a fixed-configuration processor and a preloaded digital audio processor (DAP) file.

The inclusion of the daVinci software interface saves time and money since the graphic design interface (GUI) is built into the system.

The key benefits of an included daVinci control file are:
• System control that is already built and linked to the DAP file
• Simple-to-use end user control
• Requires no programming time

“The addition of daVinci to AudiaVOIP makes a great product even better,” said Graeme Harrison, Executive Vice President of Biamp Systems. “Biamp has always been committed to product innovation. Adding daVinci to AudiaVOIP provides increased ease of programming right at a system designer’s fingertips.”

AudiaVOIP is part of the full line of Biamp Audia audio solutions, which includes AudiaFLEX, AudiaFUSION and AudiaSOLO. Each Audia unit provides the power of an entire rack of processors, with the ability to be customized for nearly any size project.

Biamp Systems

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