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Beyma Exhibits Latest Products At Prolight+Sound 2012
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Beyma has expanded their product line with new ceramic magnet system designs in the whole range, including a new family of high power subwoofers that will deliver the best performance in the category, targeted as a new reference in the PRO Audio market.

The new PW family is comprised of the 18-inch 18PW1400Fe and 21-inch 21PW1400Fe. Both have been designed with the most advanced technologies and materials Beyma is currently using with the aim of deliver the best performance in a subwoofer system.

Both of them are extended low frequency transducers designed for vented configurations, and feature the exclusive Malt Cross system, Beyma’s new advanced cooling system (patent pending), which allow the speakers to handle up to 2800 program power, reducing drastically the losses due to power compression using a 4-inch double layer inner/outer voice coil.

The benefits in this design approach comes when designers can balance more accurately the ratio between mass and inertia in a dynamic behavior of big moving parts, obtaining a better control in extreme mechanical displacements (Xdamage is 55mm). Thanks to that and to a carefully designed motor and suspension system through MMSS technology, the total SPL of the system is high, accurate and stable.

The final result is extremely controlled transient response and low distortion (Xmax is ±10mm), high thermal and mechanical stability, high durability and a consistent performance in the life working period of these subwoofer loudspeakers.

Completing the PM4 driver’s family, Beyma introduces the WL4Fe, their first ceramic magnet compact line array driver. Thanks to the optimized design and the behavior of the PM4 diaphragm, this driver with mounted wave guide will deliver an excellent response to the high frequency way of line array applications while maintaining a competitive and more stable price.

A recent new product using the PM4 diaphragm is the CD1014Fe, the “ferrite version” of CD1014Nd,  a 1,4” exit driver with 1,75” voice coil (44,4 mm) and PM4 diaphragm, which confers a response with high sensitivity of 110 dB, natural tonal qualities and the stability which allows an excellent power handling (140 W program above 1,2 kHz).

Extending the G40 series, Beyma has developed the ceramic magnet version of a 6” mid-bass driver in that range; the new 6G40Fe. Designed with FEA to optimize the magnetic flux in the gap, and with MMSS to achieve a linear behaviour in the longer excursions, the unit delivers an excellent performance for mid-bass applications. It handles up to 340 W (program) with more than 94 dB of sensitivity (1w 1m). It also includes a demodulating ring in order to reduce the eddy currents, which helps to linearize the impedance response and to reduce the distortion. An excellent choice for line array applications.

Last but not least, the recently launched 12P80Fe and 15P80Fe. Two low-frequency speakers designed to deliver high efficiency with high linearity, low distortion and excellent SPL output.

With sensitivities above 100 dB incorporating 4” (100mm) voice coils with a program power handling of 1400 W and 1600 W respectively, and designed for optimal performance in high-efficiency multi-way systems, thanks to their sonic properties over a wide frequency band. The use of advanced materials and design tools such as the CONEX, carbon fiber and MMSS technology, allow these speakers to provide a sound performance of the highest quality for applications that demand it.


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