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beyerdynamic Headphones Handle 40 Bands Recording At Good Danny’s During SXSW
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Located a short walk from the heart of downtown East Austin is a 1600 square foot recording studio known as Good Danny’s.

Good would seem to be an understatement given that the studio and its engineer/producer, Danny Reisch, have been honored as Austin’s best recording studio by his peers at the Austin Music Industry Awards.

Every year during the five-day SXSW music festival 40 bands invade Good Danny’s, courtesy of the Daytrotter Music Service. That’s eight bands; recording two to three live tracks per day, in 45-minute segments every day.

Because some recording set ups can use as many as 40 microphones, to say nothing of all the gear musicians normally travel with, the entire scenario can be a bit of a nightmare for your average recording engineer.

One thing the staff at Danny’s doesn’t have to concern themselves with is their beyerdynamic microphones and headphones.

This year beyer brought in 20 pairs of the new Custom Studio headphones for the Day Trotter series at Danny’s. Because the new Custom Studio headphones from beyer have a four setting adjustment feature specifically designed for a variety of musician’s tastes – they were perfect for the variety of musicians that would be using them. 

“One thing I really like about these new phones is the adjustable bass ports, which allows you to smooth out the excessive bottom end,” adds Reisch. “I mean for a Bassist or a drummer its great; they want that big low end. But for a vocalist it can be distracting, they can’t hear themselves the way they want to. The settings right on the headphone fix that instantly.”

An open headphone is often used for mixing due to its inherently flat tuning.  The Custom Sound Slider allows for fully closed, fully open and two additional voicing’s in-between.

As Reisch explains: “These headphones are way tougher and can handle a lot more low end, plus they are more comfortable, they have the DT 770 style ear cup. It’s a huge step up in low end and they can really handle signal-you can drive them hard and they can take it.” 

“The Custom Studio is literally four headphones in one,” says David Hetrick, American Music & Sound’s beyerdynamic rep at SXSW. “Additionally, the removable coiled cable can be replaced with flat, straight and even iPhone remote cables.  The Custom Studio also includes a handy travel bag. “

“The Custom Studio headphones are a perfect match for many different recording situations. Especially since they can be self adjusted on the fly, saving the engineer’s valuable studio time.” he adds.


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