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Avid Enhances Artist Suite Control Surfaces For More Efficient Workflows
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Avid has announced updates to its professional mixing solutions that form a key part of the Avid Artist Suite of creative tools for audio, video and live sound production. The new versions of Pro Tools | S6 and System 5 deliver streamlined workflows, driving efficiency and speeding improvements.

As part of the Avid Artist Suite, Pro Tools | S6 and System 5 are run on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, a common services foundation for helping content creators and media organizations connect with their audiences in more efficient, collaborative and profitable ways.

Pro Tools | S6 software version 1.2 upgrades:

—VCA Spill: The ability to spill VCA slaves onto the surface from a VCA master to access and update as necessary.

—Multi-Workstation Layouts. The ability to map channels onto the surface from any of EUCON-connected DAW side by side. Users can program and recall 96 layouts from the master touch screen.

—Expand Mode: The ability to expand a plug-in and its parameters across a single or double knob module, providing either 32 or 64 knobs to access all of the controls at once.

Note: * Some features currently require Pro Tools and/or an S6 M40 system with Display Modules. Go here for more information.

—Audio Editing From An S6 Channelstrip: The user can fade in or out a clip, trim the head or tail, slip or nudge it in time, adjust its clip gain and more.

—Vary The Scrolling Waveform Speed: A new preference has been added to vary the speed from 1 second up to 60 seconds

—Gain Reduction Enhancements: High-resolution gain reduction meters are now on both the channel display modules and the master module home page. There are also GR meters on the fader module between the two level meters and new dynamics graph with bouncing ball level indication.

—Integrated DVI Switcher Control: The ability to switch multiple workstation screens to one TFT has been added via the serial control of either a Gefen or Guntermann & Drunck switcher

—Automation LED Indicators: Included on knob modules

—Soft Key Editor: Allows users to customize the four banks of soft keys.

The System 5 version 6.0 software update provides full support for and integration with Dolby Atmos. It includes support for:

—9.1 panning of “bed” channels

—Integrated monitor control of the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU)

—Object metadata panning either direct from the console or through plug-in control

—Direct Atmos plug-in control in Pro Tools from System 5.

—Deeper integration with EUCON control including VCA Spill, automation control and more

Pro Tools | S6 version 1.2 and System 5 version 6 software are now shipping (July 2, 2014), available from Avid retailers worldwide. 


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