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Arvus Introduces AES/EBU To HDMI Audio Converter
Audio is converted to PCM digital Audio with Black 720p interlaced as the video component.
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Arvus Group has released the 8 Channel AES/EBU to HDMI PCM 7.1 audio only converter.

Designed and developed in New Zealand this 1U rack mount interface can take 1 to 8 channels of AES/EBU (48k and 96k) PCM signal and in real-time convert it to HDMI encoded PCM Audio with Black 720p interlaced as the video component.

The device enables Studios and Post Production facilities, and Musicians to take their PCM digital audio and directly connect it to a domestic home theatre amplifier or any HDMI audio device with out compression.

All necessary encoding is included in the data stream so receiving equipment is PCM 7.1 ready.

AES/EBU connection is via 4 x XLR inputs with a standard HDMI socket used for the output.

All Arvus products including the AES-HDMI Interface comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

Soon to be released products include the HDMI to 8 Channel AES/UBU Converter and the 16 Channels AES/EBU to Twin HDMI with synchronized clock outputs.


Arvus Website

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