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Lower Summer Concert Tour Ticket Prices?
The Dave Matthews Band, Keith Urban, U2 and No Doubt have already announced some bargain-priced tickets
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I ran across an article in yesterday’s (3/18/09) edition of USA Today titled “Major artists are making concerts more affordable”.

The article, by Steve Jones, states that “no one knows how the recession will affect concert business this summer, but several major acts are making sure that fans won’t have to dig too deep to afford a ticket” and then points out that The Dave Matthews Band, Keith Urban, U2 and No Doubt have already announced some bargain-priced tickets.

The touring industry has “an ongoing issue with unsold inventory, and they don’t want to exacerbate that situation,” the article quotes Billboard magazine Touring Editor Ray Waddell.

I’d been thinking about running a poll to find out what sound companies have been finding and/or hearing about business prospects for the upcoming summer touring, so please vote below.

The USA Today article, located here, made several other interesting points, among them that many other artists may follow suit on ticket price reductions, which are expected to be $20-$30 per ticket for top tours (stadiums and arenas).

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Comment (1)
Posted by Mark  on  03/27/09  at  09:11 AM
Jimmy Buffet hasn’t gotten the message or maybe his Parrot Head brand is recession proof- a few weeks ago I went to buy tix as a gift for relative , a summer show just announced at Jones Beach Amphitheater in NY- Nose bleed seats started at $170 EACH! - that’s before Ticketmaster extortion and other"service" fees. If not already Jimmy Buffet will rival Warren Buffet in wealth. There was an old button I once found that said- "It's Sinatras world we just live in it!" Not anymore. M
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