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A Practical Guide To Key Audio Calculations
Thanks to modern technology, you can do dB calculations without knowing a thing about the mathematics of logs, anti-logs, ratios, exponents, or even much about math
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Back to the problem. Your are 60 feet away and you know what the SPL is at 3.3 feet = 1 meter. You already know this should be a -dB number so you are going to divide the small number by the big one.

Distances are equivalent to voltages so you simply divide the two distances. You can do this for any two distances and substitute the SPL at one of the distances for the Max SPL in this example.

If this SPL is for the further distance, you must divide the further by the nearer distance. Always divide the distance you are finding the SPL for into the distance for which you know the SPL.

Otherwise, you will find your answer will not make sense, such as having more SPL at a further distance. Sound just doesn’t seem to work this way.
Formula: dB SPL = Max SPL + (20 x Log (distance1/distance2)) or 120 + (20 x Log (3.3/60)
Enter 3.3 (distance1)
Hit the divide key
Enter 60 (distance2)
Hit the = key
Your answer should be 0.055
Hit the Log key
Hit the multiply key
Enter 20
Hit the = key
Your answer should be -25.19
Hit the + key
Enter 120
Hit the = key
Your answer should be 94.80 dB SPL

Note: the SPL formula is only valid outdoors and for the direct sound from the loudspeaker indoors. Indoors the reverberation of the room will take over at some distance from the loudspeaker and the sound level will remain more or less constant the further you move away. This is a subject beyond the scope of this article, but it will at least give you a rough idea of what to expect indoors.

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